High Voltage Transformer, Low Voltage Transformer, Automatic Transformer - Jiezou Power
High Voltage Transformer, Low Voltage Transformer, Automatic Transformer - Jiezou Power
High Voltage Transformer, Low Voltage Transformer, Automatic Transformer - Jiezou Power

Dry-Type Transformer Manufacturer: Top-Quality Products for Your Electrical Needs

JIEZOU POWER GROUP is a Custom Manufacturer known for producing top-quality electrical equipment, including Dry-Type Transformers. Our transformers are an excellent solution for industries that require reliable and safe electrical power supply.

Our Dry-Type Transformers feature high-quality insulation materials that prevent them from overheating, ensuring safety in every application. These transformers are light-weight, so they can be easily installed in your equipment. They are designed to operate quietly and require minimal maintenance, resulting in low operating costs.

At JIEZOU POWER GROUP, we take pride in producing the best electrical equipment on the market. Our Dry-Type Transformers are made with the utmost precision and care, ensuring that our customers have access to the highest level of performance and durability. Order from us today and take advantage of our competitive pricelist and excellent customer service.


High Voltage Transformer, Low Voltage Transformer, Automatic Transformer - Jiezou Power

High Temperature Resistant 315 kva 34500/19920v 120/240v Dry Type Epoxy Resin Transformer

Get high temperature resistant 315 kva 34500/19920v 120/240v dry type epoxy resin transformer from our factory. We provide durable and efficient transformers.

Manufacturer price supply 3 phase 1250KVA 1500 KVA 35kv to 400v dry type transformer with IP62 protection box

Discover top-quality 3 phase dry type transformers, 1250KVA to 1500KVA, 35kv to 400v, with IP62 protection box. Shop directly from our factory.

Energy storage plant transformer 500 kva 630 kva 12470v 480/277v Three Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

Shop our high-quality Energy Storage Plant Transformer with various capacities and voltage ratings. As a factory, we ensure top-notch products for your needs.

Long Warranty High Quality 2000 kva 24940V to 240/120V Three Phase Oil Type Power Transformer

Buy our high-quality 2000kva, 24940V to 240/120V three-phase oil type power transformer with a long warranty. We are a factory.

CSP 50KVA 75KVA 100KVA 12470/7620 ANSI IEEE Standard Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer

Buy high-quality single-phase pole mounted distribution transformers from our factory. Choose from CSP 50KVA, 75KVA, 100KVA, and 12470/7620 ANSI IEEE Standard models.

Manufacturer Price IEC Standard 125kva 200 KVA Power Transformer 22/400v 380v Three Phase Oil Immersed Transformer

Buy high-quality, efficient and reliable IEC Standard 125kva - 200 KVA Power Transformers from our factory. Transform your power supply with ease.

Manufacturer Customized OEM 69000v 6300kv OLTC 10000 kva 12500 kva Substation Type Transformer

Factory offering Manufacturer Customized OEM 69000v 6300kv OLTC 10000-12500 kva Substation Type Transformers. High-quality, reliable solutions for efficient power distribution.

Factory price 500 kva 800KVA oil type outdoor transformer 11kv 33kv 380v three phase for power supply

Factory price 500KVA to 800KVA oil type outdoor transformers for power supply. 11kv, 33kv, and 380v three phase options available. Contact us now!

IEC Standard High Quality 3 phase 630kVA 33 / 0.4kV Dyn5 Copper Winding Compact Transformer with RMU

Get high-quality IEC standard 630kVA 33/0.4kV Dyn5 Copper Winding Compact Transformer with RMU from our factory. Trustworthy and reliable.

DOE 2016 10CFR Part431 100kva 167kva 13200V to 240/120V Oil Filled Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer Manufacturer

Factory of DOE 2016 10CFR Part431 certified Oil Filled Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformers. Trusted manufacturer for 100kva, 167kva, 13200V to 240/120V models.

Factory Price 100KVA 167KVA 250KVA 12470/7200V Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer Price

Shop for affordable single-phase pad mounted transformers with factory prices. Choose from 100KVA, 167KVA, and 250KVA models. Order now!

Pad Mounted Transformer 13.8kV-400/230V 60Hz

As a trusted factory, we offer top-quality Pad Mounted Transformer 13.8kV-400/230V 60Hz products to meet your power needs. Get reliable and durable transformers from us today!

Residential Use Long Service Life 167kva 333kva 7620v to 416v Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer Distribution

Shop our high-quality residential pad mounted transformers for long service life. Factory-direct sales. Get reliable single-phase distribution for your home.

ANSI/IEEE Standard single phase oil type pad mounted transformer 24940v 13200v 100 kva 167kva 60HZ

Shop the high-quality ANSI/IEEE Standard single phase oil type pad mounted transformer - 24940v to 13200v, 100 kva to 167kva, 60HZ. We are a factory offering reliable solutions.

Customized OEM ODM 630 KVA 15kv to 400v three phase electrical substation with RMU SF6

Power up with our advanced Customized OEM ODM 630 KVA 15kv to 400v 3-phase electrical substation with RMU SF6. We are a leading factory in the industry.

  • Dry-Type Transformer Manufacturer: Top-quality Products from China's Leading Exporter
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If you are in need of reliable and efficient electrical power distribution, then a Dry-Type Transformer is the perfect solution for you. This transformer functions by using air as a cooling medium instead of oil, making it safer and cleaner to operate. With its compact and lightweight design, it is an ideal option for places with limited space. You can expect a clean and efficient performance from this transformer without any harmful emissions. Our top-quality Dry-Type Transformers are designed and crafted to meet all your power needs. Whether you require a transformer for a small business or a high-power industrial facility, we can provide you with an ideal and cost-effective solution that will meet your requirements. We utilize the latest technologies in our transformers, ensuring that they are reliable, durable and safe to use. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality products, with each transformer put through stringent quality and performance tests to ensure that it meets all the necessary standards. Our transformers are available in different capacities, sizes and configurations, so whether you need a standard transformer or a custom-made one specifically designed for your needs, we have got you covered. Investing in our Dry-Type Transformer will provide your facility with a safe, reliable and efficient power source, which will translate to higher productivity and increased profitability. With our customer-focused service and technical expertise, we are committed to meeting all your power distribution needs. Get in touch with us today and let us help you find the perfect transformer solution for you.

Dry-type transformers are a great choice for those who are looking for a safe, reliable and eco-friendly power source. These transformers use air as a cooling medium instead of oil, which makes them more environment friendly and easy to maintain. The best part about these transformers is that they do not require any special ventilation systems, which makes them an ideal choice for indoor use. They are also more efficient than traditional oil-filled transformers, which leads to reduced energy consumption and cost savings. Overall, dry-type transformers are a great investment for those looking for a reliable, safe and low maintenance power source.

The Dry-Type Transformer is a fantastic product that offers excellent features and reliable performance. With its compact design, it is perfect for small spaces and can be easily installed. The transformer is also highly efficient and offers low losses, making it energy efficient and eco-friendly. The product is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and a long lifespan. In terms of safety, the Dry-Type Transformer is equipped with numerous safety features that protect against overload and overheat. The transformer's insulation is also top-notch, ensuring that it can withstand extreme conditions. Overall, this is a great product that provides reliable and efficient electrical power.

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